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#okay but can we talk about what a big brave decision it was to have the band member who is most easily read as gay#who has had the most persistent ~rumours~ about his sexuality from day 1 and who is closeted most heavily#be the one who is so repeatedly familiarly and intimated touched by this other man?#How big of a deal it is that he downright CARESSES Louis’ face and shoulder and it’s not played off for laughs#and that Loius doesn’t get uncomfortable or no-homo about it he actually gets softer and sweeter?#Can we talk about that? Because I’d like to talk about that…(verily-i-say)

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That Moment' - Best Moments

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One Direction’s Message at the Kids Choice Awards 2014.

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yes i am a boy. yes that is a banana in my pocket. no i am not happy to see you

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harry is that kid that gets kicked by the ball in the face 2 seconds after the dodgeball game starts

Wouldn’t he just use magic to block the ball?


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